Stuck Frequently Stuck, Beware of the Following Lurking Diseases

In almost every country, congestion is one of the problems that is difficult to overcome. Congestion makes travel time longer and costs to refuel fuel swell. In addition, continually stuck in traffic can increase the risk of health problems, you know. Come on, find out more information. Riding a private vehicle, or taking public transportation, being in a traffic jam can make the mood worse and disturbed health. This health disorder can be caused by several factors, including air pollution, sitting or standing still for a long time, and stress. Danger of Pollution in the Middle of Congestion Congestion will worsen air quality due to smoke from vehicles on the road. According to research by the World Health Organization (WHO), each year there are an estimated 7 million people who die from air pollution. About 91% of these deaths occur in Pacific and Southeast Asian countries, including Indonesia. The risk of health problems due to air pollution is greater in people who live on th
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